Hello! Welcome to my personal vitae page.


Since 2003, I've been involved in content creation, blogging, social media, graphic design, SEO, information architecture and more, I enjoy every aspect of website development.

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Photo & Graphic Design

Images that bring joy and inspiration; creating attractive and eye-catching graphic designs that will pique the interest of an audience and reel them in, I love to do it!

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Content Creation

Whether it's a blog post about nitrates in carrots or how to recognize previous water damage in a basement, my writing and research skils know no boundaries.

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Experience You Can See


My web and design career began with food and I enjoy creating anything food based.


Being able to create unique graphics for business use is something I am constantly expanding upon.


My travel creatives - soon I'll create more travel brochures of all the other amazing places I have been.

Business II

Business graphics spanning a myriad of sectors, now that is an exciting challenge I like!

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All work copyrighted & may not be edited, used, reposted or borrowed for personal and/or commercial purposes without my express written consent.